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Richard N. Landers, Ph.D.
Associate Professor in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Old Dominion University

Principal Investigator
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Practical Statistics Textbook Now Available!

Buy the bookInspired partly by my success at explaining How to Compute ICCs in SPSS on my blog, and partly because I think significance testing is usually not well-understood by most students in statistics courses, I wrote a statistics textbook entitled A Step-by-Step Introduction to Statistics for Business, published by SAGE. It's a concise, one-semester introduction to the topic based around a chapter-by-chapter exploration of how small business owners can solve practical problems with statistics. It's accompanied by click-by-click video demonstrations of all skills in both SPSS and Excel, tied closely to chapter contents, plus an online random dataset generator for learners to test their computational skills (and instructors to generate problem sets!). If you'd like to teach or learn about statistics in business, I strongly recommend it!

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